About the Badges


UX Quest Certification to show you care about your user's experience

UXBadgeCertGray160212This certified badge means your site met 75% of the User Experience (UX) guidelines and Quality Assurance (QA) process. Included in your report will be the items you missed with a brief explanation. You will get a colored and gray scale version for you to use what you need to on your site.

**This badge is only meant for your site (the footer or bottom part of the site that is similar across all pages of your site is a good area). It is not to be used in emails, mobile apps, social media profiles, etc.



Quality Assurance provides the best feedback on how to make a better experience for your users. Here is the tested badge.

UXBadgeTestGray160212This badge means you didn’t quite hit the mark for the UX guidelines, but that’s okay! One of the benefits of the QA Process is receiving quality, no-secret feedback. We’ll let you know where you missed the mark, how to improve upon it, and next steps for getting to the Certified badge. Basically, if you make the changes to improve your UX and get the mark up above 75% within sixty (60) days, the Certified badge is yours!

Or, you can simply sport the Tested badge, because you still took the time and energy to show that you care about your users just by getting the QA process done. You will get a colored and gray scale version of the badge to display on your site.

Thanks again for caring about your users and helping make a difference in the world of web pages! You’re amazing!!