Why UX Quest

UX Guru on a QuestWho is your UX Guru?

Amy J and her anthropologists are on a quest to better the internet, one user experience at a time. For Amy, studying Anthropology in college provided passion yet left her little prospect after graduating, and thus she pursued her career in web development and digital marketing. It was during this quest for a meaningful career, she discovered User Experience (UX) and the Quality Assurance (QA) process. Indeed, she had found her calling!

You don’t need a 10K, 30K dollar website to attract and convert users. Your business deserves a fluid, sensible, manageable website. We want to help you because we want you to succeed, and know you can. By providing real, honest evaluations, we will help your website reach your dream users and business goals. With experience in Anthropology, digital marketing, and quality assurance, we can fine-tune your site and UX to convert users.

Don’t have a site yet? UX Guru can do that too.

Why UX and Anthropology

So glad you asked! Anthropology, in a rather small nutshell, is the study of man, but also culture. By taking a look at the day to day nuances, rituals, and seemingly mindless patterns of human behavior, anthropology asks questions to delve into the very meaning and existence of man. There is man as an individual, and then there is man inside of subcultures, cultures, nations, and societies and civilizations. On every level of being, there is always human behavior and patterns being acted out and acted upon him.

Cue our digital age and computers and technology. The most successful brands understand that if you want a user to fall in love with and be loyal to your product, you must make it easy to use. Make things complicated and you will fail. Google understands this perhaps best of all. And by controlling the search rankings, they tend to get the final say. So, by combining a thorough understanding of culture and human behavior, you can figure out how to best represent the company, define their end goal, and reach the user they are trying to reach.

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Contact with Questions

Thank you for your interest in UX Quest and UX Guru. Please send any questions to certifications@uxquest.com and we will be in touch with you shortly.